For those wishing to investigate in greater depth the fascinating challenges associated with submarine design, I have included a short bibliography of references that were most useful in my development of the Nautilus and should prove accessible to the general reader. The list includes some older titles, seldom referenced in modern design, but they provide insight into the difficulties of early submarine construction and the nascent approaches taken to address them. Not only is this relevant to the Nautilus, but it also allows us to appreciate the prescience of Jules Verne. It is also true that the field of submarine design has increasingly become classified and thus not within the public realm. Nonetheless, these sources should be sufficient to launch your design ambitions.


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Available at:

19th Century Submarine Development Bibliography

The history of the submarine, from a practical standpoint, is largely a 20th-century story. Not unlike the airplane, it is a technology that came of age in the crucible of the First World War, attained lethal maturity in the Second World War, and then experienced a major technological disruption that re-invented it in its modern form. In the case of aviation, that revolutionary innovation was the jet engine, for submarines it was nuclear power. But the lesser-known story of submarine development prior to its official adoption by French and American navies at the turn of the century is a fascinating story of creativity spurred by the imagination and wars of a different era. The following sources offer rich rewards to those interested in undertaking this exploration.

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