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Constructing the Nautilus Model

Constructing the Nautilus Model By Demetri Capetanopoulos Materials used in the construction of the Nautilus model: XTC-3DTM Liquid Coating for 3d Printed Parts Tamiya surface primer (grey) Tamiya (TS-63) NATO Black Krylon® Metallic Gold Leaf  1:200 scale architectural figures Sewing pins for rudder, propeller, and diving planes attachment Sifted play sand Modeling strip wood Wood glue India ink Assorted acrylic paints Bondic® The model of the Nautilus is comprised of eleven parts:  The forward and aft hull sections, the pilothouse, the dinghy, the beacon, [...]

Sketchpad Notes: The Genesis of The Design and Construction of the Nautilus

Sketchpad Notes: The Genesis of The Design and Construction of the Nautilus By Demetri Capetanopoulos The Design and Construction of the Nautilus opens with the question, “Is there anyone, of any age, who has read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and not sketched their vision of the Nautilus in their imagination or down on paper?” Like many boys of a certain age, I discovered Jules Verne and was captivated, not just by the tales of scientific adventure, but by the example of the [...]

Writing Influences

Writing Influences By Demetri Capetanopoulos Words matter.  They are essential for collaboration, have the ability to manipulate human emotion, and there are countless examples of how they have changed the course of history.  We might well wonder how it could be that everyone is not drawn to master a craft possessing such power.  But it wasn’t a compulsion to wield oratory or literary power that drew me to writing, it was the desire to be able to create rich and compelling landscapes, share ideas [...]

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