About Precise Imagination — Demetri Capetanopoulos

Demetri's PicturePrecise Imagination, founded by Demetri Capetanopoulos, seeks to explore and develop great ideas. The project combines the wonder of imagination with the precision of science, engineering, and research. The result is often spectacular.

Like many boys of a certain age, Demetri discovered Jules Verne and was captivated—not just by the tales of scientific adventure—but by the example of the power of imagination to shape what might be possible with the creative application of technology. Who can say with surety what influence it had, but he became qualified as a nuclear submarine engineer and deep submersible pilot.

With a career spent in technical realms, Demetri has found in this project a delightful synthesis of his passion for science, history, and the creative arts, all while rediscovering a boyhood inspiration. Surely Verne would approve. He dedicates this labor of love to his son, Leo, and to all those for whom submarine dreams stir the child within.